Lauren Shuford | Junior | Brooksville, Fla. 


Life as a student-athlete is…Harder than being a regular student

If I wasn’t playing golf…I would be in a band. A punk or ska band

If I could model myself after anyone it would be…Coach Brennan

When I was six years old…I was in kindergarten and I was short

This season…Is still in the making

I’ll never forget…Concerts that I have attended in the past. I’ve been to Warped Tour and Street Life Manifesto recently

Playing golf has given me…Knowledge

When I played golf as a kid I pretended to be…My dad

My hidden talent is…Driving

If I had a million dollars…I would save it or I would give most of it to my parents.

Favorite sport on campus…I’m new on campus so I haven’t been everywhere but the fountain over by the Abbey Church is very nice. But the science building is where I always am.

I know nothing about…Giving presentations.

When I got to high school…I had one friend when I started at Hernando.

There’s no better feeling than…Making a birdie putt.

If I was playing another sport at Saint Leo it would be…Track

Superstitions…I try to use the same number on my golf ball. Most of the time it’s No. 2.

My favorite TV show as a kidThe Gargoyles in the morning, Spongebob Squarepants in the afternoon, and Hey Arnold at night.

My dream foursome is…Ben Crane, Tim Armstong, Tomas Kalnoky , along with myself.