Women's Basketball Camps


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April 13 | 9:00 am-12:00 pm | FREE

A FREE basketball skills clinic put on by Saint Leo University players and coaches. A fun and informative three hours of basketball for all ages and skill levels.



May 31 | Friday 6:00-9:00 pm | $45

June 2 | Sunday 9:00-4:00 pm | $75

This camp will highlight how to become a more competitive guard on the court. Learn how to be a more complete offensive threat as you work on developing ball handling, shooting, passing and individual moves to the basket.



June 5-7 | Wednesday 9:00-4:00 pm; Thursday 9:00-4:00 pm; Friday 9:00-12:00 pm | $105

June 7-9 | Friday 1:00 pm – Sunday 4:00pm (overnight) | $275

June 24-28| Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00 pm ; Friday 9:00-12:00 pm | $210

This camp is designed for girls in grades K-12 of all playing abilities. All campers will improve their fundamental skills and take away valuable lessons on the game of basketball to carry with them after a fun and informative week of camp. The Lions’ coaching staff is focused on helping young players to meet their potential by improving upon individual fundamentals such as: shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, and other key fundamentals for improving individual skills. Come join us for a fun and exciting week of basketball!



June 22-23 | Saturday & Sunday 9:00-4:00 pm | $195

This camp will cover fine tuning the player's shot from the footwork to the follow-through. Shooting techniques will be taught and incorporated in shooting drills to make a more complete offensive player and scoring threat from the outside.



June 24-27 | Monday-Thursday 6:00-9:00 pm | $95

 For players in middle school and high school who want to improve on their individual skills both offensively and defensively. This camp specifically covers overall skill sets used on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. Players will be working on ball handling, shooting, passing, defensive covers and tactics. Each player will take away ways to improve their game on their own after leaving this camp.



June 28-30 | Friday 1:00 pm–Sunday 4:00pm  | $275

This camp is for players who are entering grades 6-12 who are looking to take their basketball skill set to the next level. This specialty camp is designed to help improve players on an individual level by having them better understand their roles and positions as an elite player. Campers will spend significant time improving their individual skills through fundamental drill work, competitive team play, and skill competitions. The players will stay on campus in Saint Leo University residence halls and be coached directly by Saint Leo Head Coach Nikki Jessee along with assistants, and current Saint Leo players. Players will gain valuable and practical skills and knowledge, along with insight about competing at the collegiate level.