The Saint Leo Cheerleaders and Fritz celebrated 125 great years of Saint Leo University at the Gasparilla Children’s parade January 18, 2014. Check out the picture of the 125th float (below). Other events: The squad has also participated in Admissions Open House Days, speaking to prospective sudents and handing out different programs. In addition, the team cheered at Fall Pink Day, where the Saint Leo Department of Athletics and Florida Hospital in Zephyrhills partnered to help spread breast cancer awareness at the Lions' swim meet and soccer matches. 




2014-15 Cheer Squad:

Raymond Ayala - Senior
Shyla Bryant - Freshman
Shyra Bryant - Freshman
Rachel Cunio - Sophomore
Kyla Draper - Junior
Amber Dunlap - Freshman
Renee Goodwin - Sophomore
Kathryn Holt - Freshman
Eyhanna Johnson - Sophomore 

Ka'Sandra Lempert - Freshman
Delanie McCabe - Senior
Melissa Pagliughi - Junior
Gianella Romero - Sophomore
Connor Schaefer - Junior 
Seri Sipe - Junior
Cassidy Whitaker - Freshman 
Haley Wing - Junior 



Party Hosted for Our Fan of the Year’s Daughter

11/ 17/13 - Paisley Murphy, daughter of Dr. Ryan Murphy, celebrated her 6th birthday with the Saint Leo University Cheerleaders.

Paisley and her friends enjoyed a day filled with cheers and crafts ending with a special shoutout at the Men’s Basketball Game against Shorter University.

The little cheerleaders learned a couple of cheers to perform for their parents and were delighted to show off their new skills. They decorated megaphones which they brought to the game and enjoyed a delicious cake featuring Saint Leo’s mascot, Fritz. Paisley had a special section of the bleachers reserved with green and gold balloons for her and her guests during the game. The little cheerleaders had their own pom poms which they shook in support of the Men’s Basketball team. Paisley’s last surprise was being the center of attention at the game while the crowd sang Happy Birthday.