45 Lions Earn Spot on Fall President’s Club

45 Lions Earn Spot on Fall President’s Club

SAINT LEO, Fla. – The Saint Leo University Athletics Department is proud to unveil the Fall 2011 President’s Club members list, as 45 student-athletes have been acknowledged with the bi-yearly honor. Pia Soesemann finds herself on the list as a seven-time recipient and is joined by nine 4.0 grade-point averages.

The President’s Club was created to honor all Saint Leo student-athletes who are in the top 15 percent academically among all student-athletes for the sports played during the fall or spring semester.

Each of the honorees will join Saint Leo University President Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., along with several Saint Leo faculty, staff and members of the athletic department, for a special luncheon celebrating their accomplishments.  The festivities will be held on the Saint Leo campus with the luncheon happening at the Student Community Center Boardrooms on Wednesday, January 25 at 11:45 a.m.

Seven Time Recipients

Pia Soesemann, 3.93

Six Time Recipients

Yves Jacobs, 4.00
Anthony Santa, 3.92

Five Time Recipients

Eric Dirth, 3.88
Sarah Earls, 3.89
Lucy Fricker, 3.83
Goeun Lee, 4.00

Four Time Recipients

James Underwood, 3.93

Three Time Recipients

Katherine David, 3.78
Line Pedersen, 3.87
Jamie Smith, 3.84
Elyse Snyder, 3.83
Brittany Yates, 3.95

Two Time Recipients

LeeAnn Antuna, 3.96
Tim Balz Herrmann, 3.78
Chelsea Connelly, 3.87
Laura Kemkes, 3.89
Antonio Roki, 3.85

First Time Recipients

Shaun Adams, 3.84
Emma Auditore, 3.80
Henry Adu, 3.80
Alyssa Barrett, 3.87
Maria Benkirane, 4.00
Aija Bent-Trinder, 3.92
Connor Callahan, 3.87
Jake Fleischer, 3.93
Lindsey Gentes, 3.80
Jenna Gimbel, 4.00
Melissa Goldstein, 3.87
Jessica Griffith, 4.00
Kristen Kelly, 4.00
Ali Lamb, 3.93
Jacob Matenaer, 3.87
Spenser Mitchell, 3.79
Taed Moses, 3.80
Christopher Newcomb, 3.92
Matthew Nicholson-Lewis, 3.93
Tereza Novotna, 3.95
Ragna Olafsdottir, 3.87
Bryan Rozo, 4.00
Marcus Ruh, 4.00
Melissa Schmidt, 3.92
Nicole SirotaPlotnikov, 4.00
Samantha White, 3.80
Sarah Winans, 3.93