The Saint Leo University Department of Athletics is excited to announce enhancements for the 2012-13 Academic Year with the ROARwards Fan Loyalty Program.  The goal of the program is to reward the most passionate Lions' fans for all 17 sports throughout the entire year.

How does it work?
The rewards program is simple... Any time you see a ROARwards QR code, just scan it with your phone and you're on your way to earning points towards great prizes.  Registration is absolutely free and you can sign up with your Facebook account or email.  Once you sign up for the first time (it takes less than a minute), you're good to go!   You can even earn two points by scanning the QR code on this page!

Let's do it step-by-step!
1. Scan the ROARwards QR code
2. Sign in with your Facebook user name & password
3. Select "Install" upon prompt from Facebook
4. Update your Facebook Wall with comments (this is optional, but we may throw you some extra points for the social media support!)
5. Then feel free to view available points, milestone prizes, and other fans on the loyalty club page

What are some ways other than attending games I can earn points? 
The smart phone technology allows us incentivize all sorts of fan activities - sponsor patronage, concessions purchases, buying merchandise, donating to the Lions Athletic Fund, purchasing season tickets, viewing of Internet game broadcast, promoting the Lions through social media, and so much more!  The possibilities are limitless.  We'll always be finding new ways for you to earn points, so be on the lookout!
What if I do not have a QR Scanner on my smart phone?
QR code scanners are available to download for free on all smart phone platforms. Find one that works best for you, and you're one step closer to earning points!

Can I still sign up and earn points if I do not have a smartphone?  
Yes.  Although utilizing the QR code is the preferred method of rewarding fan loyalty, fans without a smart phone do have the capability to receive points for attending games.  Simply visit the ROARwards table on game day to redeem.      

Is it Free?
Yes, it's totally free.  

Who's eligible to participate?
Anyone can participate - students, parents, friends, community members and fans! 

Who do I contact in order to receive my prize?
Prizes may be redeemed at various athletic events at the ROARwards table or at the athletic office.  Once you have accumulated enough points for a prize (listed under "Milestone Prizes" on the app), you can either visit the ROARwards table at an athletic event or come by the Saint Leo athletics Tuesday or Friday between 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST.

What are the prizes I can win? 
There will be a variety of prizes available throughout the year ranging from Saint Leo merchandise, donations from sponsor establishments, autographed memorabilia and much more!  We'll constantly be updating the "Milestone Prizes" section of the program, so check back often to see what's new.

Note: If you are out of state and seeking to redeem your prize - please contact Megan Hinners, Manager of Athletic Communications and Marketing, at and your prize can be shipped.  

To learn more about the partnership between Saint Leo University Department of Athletics and Rojo Research and the LOYALTIVA platform please click here.

Be on the lookout throughout the year for more QR codes with the ROARwards label to earn additional points towards great prizes!