The Team Tradition Challenge is designed to encourage greater participation in annual giving from former student-athletes. The effort got off to a great start last year resulting in a 7.5% participation from former student-athletes, the overall alumni participation rate is less than 3%.   The Challenge puts each of the Lions NCAA Division II teams against each other to see what team can achieve the best overall giving from their alumni. The first place team will receive $5,000 for their annual budget and the second place team will receive $3,000.  

How does the challenge work?

There are three categories in this year’s Team Tradition Challenge:

  • Participation: based on the number of alumni donors divided by the total number of alumni for that sport. Points are earned at each 10 point threshold. No points will be awarded for less than 5% participation.
    • Example: a team with 10% participation will receive 10 points for this category. A team with 24% participation will receive 20 points. No points will be awarded for less than 10% participation.
  • Gift Amount: points: based on the amount of individual gifts received.
    • $100 gifts will receive 5 points
    • $250 gifts will receive 10 points
    • $500 gifts will receive 15 points
    • $1000 gifts will receive 20 points (for each thousand dollars)
  • Average Gift: based on the overall average gift amount from alumni of that sport. The team with the highest average gift will receive 20 points, point values go down through all of the sports.

Gifts must be a minimum of $25 to count towards the challenge and can be designated to any fund within the university.

All gifts must be received before April 15, 2015 to count towards the challenge.


This challenge is all about participation and now is your opportunity as alumni to support your team and encourage former teammates to make a gift today. Through the generous support of former student-athletes, this challenge will have a positive impact on the experience of current Lions and foster the pursuit of excellence in academics and competition.  All financial contributions are extremely valuable so be on the lookout for e-mails, social media mentions, and phone calls from coaches and student-athletes seeking your support.  

Giving Information: 

Make your gift online today by Clicking Here or make a gift by phone: (352) 588-8824

To make a gift by mail, please make the check payable to Saint Leo University and mail to:
Saint Leo University
Attn:  Elizabeth Barr
Team Tradition Challenge – MC 2354
PO Box 6665
Saint Leo, FL 33574

Please note –gifts from former student-athletes do not have to be directed towards the Lions Athletic Fund or a specific team to count, allowing you to give to other areas of the university and still help your former team win the challenge.  (Example:   If women’s golf alumnus gives to the School of Business, the women’s golf team would still count that gift for the challenge).  For more information about the challenge please contact Elizabeth Barr at (352) 588-8824